How to Reduce Lap Times

If you love to drive around the track, you are amongst a big number of people who have the same question in mind – how to reduce lap times?

There are a lot of ways to do this, from getting extra horse power, buying better race tires, driving more aggressively or lowering the center of gravity of your car. Every one of these things can reduce your lap times, but when you upgrade the suspension you get a lot more than you hoped for. The suspension is an underestimated part of a car, which most young drivers tend to forget when customizing their cars. If you want to upgrade your cars performance, every part is very important for the overall balance and best performance. When you tune your engine and get additional power to the wheels, there is a great possibility that your car will get unstable in the corners. To prevent that, it is very important to upgrade your suspension system so it can get all that power to the wheels, while keeping your car from sliding all over the track.

Professional suspension kits that will give you advantage on the track

Is there a better way to prove the quality of a racing suspension system then testing it on a racetrack? Bilstein tests all of their suspension systems on the world famous Nurburgring, proving that their products have the racing pedigree every car enthusiast is looking for. Decades of research, development and experience in the field of car suspension systems make Bilstein the first choice of car enthusiasts and professional racing teams from all over the world. Bilsteins B16 suspension kit offers performance that was available only for professional race cars. This suspension kit offers the possibility of manually adjusting the height and comfort of your car just by turning a dial. Using this suspension kit, you can use one car for weekend racing and a daily driver. By lowering your car and stiffening the suspension you get a lower center of gravity and more traction for better cornering and better lap times.

60 years of experience

Bilstein is one of few companies that can be proud of their history and tradition. The company itself exists more than 140 years but it has introduced the first shock absorber in 1957, which is a turning point in automotive suspension systems. Since then, Bilstein has been providing top quality shock absorbers due to their constant research and development, providing car enthusiasts and professional racing teams with better and better performing parts. The list of performance car manufacturers which includes Porsche, Lamborghini and Bugatti that use Bilstein suspension systems as stock says enough about the quality that they provide.