How to Detail Your Car DIY

Every car enthusiast is in love with their car but due to lack of time they can skip washing and cleaning it when it gets dirty. Having a garage to put your car in is a great thing, but not everyone has a garage for their car, so they need to take much more care of their car to keep it in the best condition possible. Snow, rain, wind and exposure to direct sunlight – all of these things can ruin your car. If you have a garage, use it. It will help on the long run by protecting your car from all kinds of weather elements. If you don’t, don’t worry, there are things you can do yourself to help save your cars paintjob and interior.

Start with the interior

It’s always best to start detailing with the interior of your car. This way, the dust and dirt doesn’t get in touch with your paintjob. If you’ve kept your car relatively clean in the past, this is a quick and painless job.  On the other hand if you’ve neglected the interior for some while, you should take a day or two to completely detail your car. Start the process with the dashboard and other plastic in your car. Using a dry cloth, just swipe away any dust that’s sitting on there and use cotton swabs for the air vents. After finishing the dashboard and other plastic in your car, start vacuuming the carpets. Remove your floor mats, wash them and let them dry naturally. Don’t forget to vacuum under the seats, but first, check for spare change or other stuff that can clog up the vacuum cleaner. You can also use products for leather and vinyl upholstery to get best results.

Wash your car from the top down

When you start cleaning the outside of your car, it is best to park it in a shady area so it wouldn’t get dry fast. Never use any household detergent for washing your car because it can wash off any wax you have on it and damage the clear coat of your car. Use a brush to clean your wheels because they can get really dirty in a short period of time. Make sure your wheels aren’t hot so you don’t hurt yourself. Scrub down any dirt from the wheels then wash them and dry them with a cloth. After a good and thorough wash of your car, you can protect the paint job and give it back a shiny finish. Make sure you’ve removed all the dust and dirt from it so you don’t damage the paintjob while waxing and polishing the car. There are products you can use at home for detailing, but you have to be very careful because you can damage the paint if you don’t have any experience with machine polishing.  If you’re not sure about waxing and polishing your car, it would be best to leave it to a professional.