Everything You Need to Know About Chip Tuning

Chip tuning is one of the most popular performance modifications available today. Before we start explaining what kind of benefits you can expect, let’s go over some essentials. Every modern car has an ECU that controls a huge number of parameters keeping the car run smoothly and safely. It’s the ECUs job to limit the cars performance so the main parts would last longer. These parameters include boost, air-fuel ratio, top speed etc. With chip tuning, you are allowed to change these parameters to suit your needs.  There are several reasons why chip tuning is so popular nowadays, so we will go over a few.

Power increase

By altering or reprogramming some parameters in the cars ECU, you can increase the total horsepower and torque. Usually, you can gain about 30% power and torque, but it is possible to get even more. The power increase is gained by changing the fuel and air intake of the car and changing the stock limit. The 30% gain is considered the safest and it has the smallest effect on part durability.

Improving acceleration

When you get more power, accelerating is easier for the car. This can be a great thing especially if you’re often on the road. In some situations, just a few more horse power and torque could be the difference between overtaking with ease and overtaking while causing danger all around. It is really important to know your car and its overtaking possibilities. With more horse power and torque, overtaking will be easier and safer.

Better mileage

More and more people are looking for a way to get better gas mileage. This is obviously because gas isn’t getting any cheaper, and enthusiasts like going on long drives. Chip tuning is the most popular modification for getting more miles for the same amount of money. The principle is the same as with power increase. By changing the fuel and air intake, the cars speed is reduced so less fuel is used.  Chip tuning will only help if the driver changes his or her habits. Not revving the engine, less aggressive driving and keeping the car at constant speed can also help.

Fast and easy installation

There is a variety of chip tuning possibilities. Some require adding a physical chip that overrides the factory chip and some don’t. Newer cars are chip tuned just by connecting a computer to the ECU and just like checking for fault codes the parameters can be changed.  Although this can seem pretty easy, it is best to leave it to a professional. In a few hours time, you can feel the difference without changing any parts on your car. Cool, huh?